Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tough Day

I woke up this morning and ate an orange. I've never been a big breakfast person but I knew I needed some energy food because of the change in diet. The orange was the perfect amount to get me to lunch. Lunch was hard. I had a business meeting and they ordered lunch from a sandwich place called Jimmy Johns. The best I could do was a vegetarian sub. It had a bit of mayo and some cheese so I failed their but I am excusing it a bit since I'm not technically on the cleanse yet.

Dinner was a disaster. I made a salad and tried oil and vinegar for dressing. I used way too much vinegar and pretty much had to scrap it. Luckily I had a fruit salad in the fridge. However, I've had too much fruit today and now my tongue feels burned. I tried to eat some pistachios but it hurt my tongue too much. I'm told this is normal so I'm not concerned. But now I'm just hungry.

Finally, for your reading pleasure, this is truly eye opening:


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